Hard rock-rock'n'roll
Přerov, CZ


G.O.C - Try It

G.O.C - Fucking cigarette blues

G.O.C - Heaven is for Angelz

G.O.C - No No No



  • 9. dubna
  • 30. duben
  • 6. května
  • 7. května
  • 25. června
  • 1. červenec
  • 2. července
  • Tábor
  • Daskabát
  • Olomouc
  • Dub nad Moravou
  • Odrlice
  • Pelhřimov
  • Helfštýn
  • Milenium Club
  • Jack’s Cowhouse
  • Bounty Rock Cafe
  • Motorkářská pouť
  • Benzínová párty
  • Rock Motopárty u Rybníčka
  • Motosraz
  • AC / CZ
  • Donor, Rissla
  • MoonPark
  • ...
  • Hazydecay, ZZ Top Litovel
  • Tlustá Berta, Iron Maiden
  • ...


About us


G.O.C is a hard rock band, formed in 2015 from former members of late band Wellryba. The members included trio of a singing bass player, a guitar player and a drummer. With passion, they started to compose new music together and marked their new music to be inspired by 70’s and 80’s era hard rock. After half a year or so, a new member came into the band, with whom they’ve only confirmed, that raw rock’n’roll is the right way. English lyrics, often on the edge with dirty jokes and allusions, only to be emphasized by the band’s name – Group of Cocks.

In 2016, G.O.C. recorded their first demo, with which they subsequently started to tour around clubs, pubs and other events around central Moravia.

The release of „Try it“ single, accompanied with a lyric video have opened a new world for G.O.C.. Thanks to the fans, the band participated in some big events and tried what it’s like to perform on a bigger stage, for example winning 3rd prize in BZ Rock max competition, which later meant to perform at Masters of Rock festival. In the same year The band also peformed at Harley Davidson 115th Anniversary in Prague.

On 8/17/2018, the first album is finished, being previously recorded and mastered in studio Šopa, supervised by Standa Valášek.

Right now, the band works on the music video and collects idea for the next album. Current Members of G.O.C are Martin Mahdal, Michal Koupil, Jakub Trlida a Tomáš Kornel.

Martin Mahdal

„ Ušin "

Bass and lead vocal

Michal Koupil

Guitar and backing vocals

Jakub Trlida

Guitar and backing vocals

Tomáš Kornel

„ Korny "



For Organizers


For Club


Stage plan (in format pdf)

Technical rider & inputlist (in format pdf)

Technical and organization conditionals (in format pdf)


For Open air


Stage plan (in format pdf)

Technical rider & inputlist (in format pdf)

Technical and organization conditions (in format pdf)




Promo photos summer 2018 ( in format zip) 

Promo photos autumn 2019 ( in format zip)

Promo photos album ( in format zip)

Logo GOCband white pdf

Logo GOCband png

 G.O.C Rider



Banner with loops on the upper side to hang, 3x3 meters




3 speakers 4x12 + 3 amplifiers



4x monitoring

 3x microphone stands

3x microphone Shure SM 58

Guitar stands 




4x 0.5 liter of water 


/G.O.C Input list


1. Bass Drum

2. Snare

3. Hi-hat

5. Rack Tom 1

6. Rack Tom 2

7. Floor Tom 1

9. Overhead L

10. Overhead R

13. Bass

14. Guitar L.

15. Guitar R

16. Vocal Guitar SM 58

17. Vocal Guitar SM 58

18. Lead Vocal Bass SM 58


Manager: Jakub Trlida

Phone: +420 777 550 845